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Ornamental Wrought Iron Railing with scroll work and hammered edge rails and postsOrnamental Wrought Iron Railing with scroll work and rings

Wrought Iron Rail, Fence, Gate Pictures

Wrought iron rails and fences provide many benefits including beauty, safety and security functions.  Automated wrought iron gates also provide convenience and can be as basic as remote clickers like garage door openers to telephone and video features.  Telephone connected gates can be programmed to allow someone access even if you’re in another state (or country for that matter).


Most Georgia counties currently follow international building codes which require rails for fall protection.  Many older home were built prior to code adoption.  Home sellers are often required by a buyer’s home inspector or FHA lender to bring porches, patios, and decks up to current code.  While the code does not require wrought iron rails, it’s a beautiful way to entice buyers.  In the tough real estate market how can you make your home more appealing to a potential buyer.

Custom Wrought Iron Designs

We can help you create a wrought iron rail design to fit your taste and style.  Wrought iron fences are very hard to climb.  Whether you need to keep children and pets in your yard or unwanted people out of your yard, wrought iron fences solve the problem without obstructing your view or looking like a prison.


Automated wrought iron gates will keep pesky door-to-door solicitors away from your doorbell while opening automatically when your vehicle approaches.


Ornamental Wrought Iron Railing with scroll centerpiece, twisted baluster pickets and "X" pattern split railOrnamental Wrought Iron Railing with baluster collar patternOrnamental Wrought Iron Rails with bent handrails, scroll work and split railOrnamental Wrought Iron handrails with empty split railWrought Iron handrails basic picket designWrought Iron handrails basic picket designOrnamental Wrought Iron Automated Gates with scalloped split railOrnamental Wrought Iron Automated Gates with arched split railOrnamental Wrought Iron Handrails with alternating finial pattern and lateral spiral terminalOrnamental Wrought Iron FenceOrnamental Wrought Iron Fence with scalloped top rail, custom finials, centerpiece panels, and post toppers